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Since the ST-7XE and ST-8XE imaging CCD detectors are pin to pin compatible, SBIG designed the CCD head to accept either detector. I acquired this camera as a guide camera replacement for the DSI and, of course, SBIG is the recognized leader hands down for astronomical cameras. ST -402 Operating Manual 1stEdition, January Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Santa Barbara Instruments Group ST-402ME CCD camera; SBIG CCDOps manual; Kodak KAF-0402E/ME CCD; Test pattern (a rather quick read) Introduction Charge-coupled devices (CCDs) are widely used in astronomy for the detection of visible, ultraviolet, and infrared photons. 25" nosepiece in the front plate.

It turns out the color filter wheel had been assembled upside down. I have an ST-402ME CCD camera with factory-installed internal LRGB filters for sale. Samuelson Příspěvky: 62 Registrován: úte 26.

With a lightweight body and design, this CCD model is a no brainer for setting up. CCDOPS and SBIG Universal Driver. 5X Telecompressor Lenses & Ultra WideField Reducer 0. Kodak KAF-0402E/ME CCD. 4e- for ABG CCD)" Phil. ST -402 Operating Manual 1stEdition, January Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. The Seeing Monitor uses an ST-402ME camera with custom optics and software.

I also ordered the special color filter wheel, which is internal. These were the design goals for the SBIG ST-402ME camera: We wanted something simple and easy to use yet powerful enough to carry the "ST" model prefix. EOS 40Da cooled, SBIG ST-4000XCM SBIG ST-402ME, ASI 071. Below is a copy and paste from an ST-402ME spec sheet. NGC7497 galaxy and molecular clouds in the Pegasus region.

sbig st-402me manual 0 interface with full frame downloads in less than 1 second. It’s hard to estimate the stated size of the camera without actually seeing one. Charge-coupled devices (CCDs) are extremely sensitive and accurate photon detectors, but there are limitations on their performance.

Last time used was about a week ago. SBIG ST-402ME Single Sensor, Lightweight USB 2. 0e- binned 2x2, 3x3 (1. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. sbig st-402me manual Santa Barbara Instruments Group ST-402ME CCD camera.

SBIG DSS-7 Spectrograph manual; Santa Barbara Instruments Group ST-402ME CCD camera; SBIG CCDOps manual. SBIG CCDOps manual. SBIG ST-402ME CCD Imaging Camera. For use at the telescope, a 1.

ST-402ME Class 1 -- ST-402ME-C11 ST-402ME Class 2 -- ST-402ME-C21 Each ST-402ME camera system includes the following: New KAF-0402ME imaging CCD High speed USB 2. úno 0:38:38 Bydliště: Plze. sbig st-7, sbig st-402 The size of the CCD chip is one of the most important factors in imaging. The final focal ratio from each lenslet is about f/76 and the spot size is diffraction limited at about 4 pixels FWHM at the detector in 1x1 binning mode. The graph below is from the SBIG camera spec sheet. Makes a great imaging or a sensitive guide camera. ST-402ME CCD Camera with Optional C-mount Adapter and Lens "Simple and Powerful", these were the design goals for the ST-402ME camera: SBIG wanted to develop a CCD system that was something simple and easy to use yet powerful enough to carry the "ST" model prefix. Please read this entire manual carefully to achieve the maximum use from this device.

Introducing the SBIG STC-428-P Photometric CMOS Imaging System View the Camera Our leading-edge, low-light camera systems are the industry standard among the world’s most renowned astronomers, physicists, and life scientists. No, nevím MilANe, nechci kecat, NexStar 6SE nebo 8SE by autoguider port měly mít. The ST402 is a B&W camera with temperature regulated Peltier cooling, and a 765x510 pixel, 9 micron square B&W sensor. 81 shipping estimate. The SBIG ST-402ME NABG has a full well capacity of 100,000 elections per 9µm x 9µm pixel or 1235 electrons per square micron.

0 interface A custom internal filter wheel and shutter For use at the telescope, a 1. 0 Camera with KAF-0402ME CCD, Enhanced Cooling and RGB Filters Price: ,695. Shown with optional Astro-Physics 1200GTO equatorial mount, Apogee Alta U16M, Astrodon MonsterMOAG, and SBIG ST-402ME Starizona has developed an astrographic telescope that will deliver the largest, highest quality field of view in its cla.

Plus I wanted the ability to guide both A-P mounts if they were ever set up as imaging platforms at the same time. The ST-402ME&39;s internal relays allow the camera to autoguide almost any commercial telescope with an autoguider port. This Optec NextGEN CCD Camera Mounting Plate is for SBIG ST-402ME, STV, ST-5C, and ST-237 CCD Cameras. The size of the chip largely determines the field of view, and thus which objects sbig st-402me manual you can take pictures of. As a result the Model ST-7XE is easily upgraded to the Model ST-8XE. The Seeing Monitor is intended to be set up once and left outdoors for an indefinite period. Includes 1 1/4" nose piece and power supply. However, the ADU count is what is measured in the end for photometry.

7565 used Sbig St-402me Ccd Imaging Camera. It is used for photometric work using the B, V, I filters of the common UBVRI filter set used by professionals. SBIG announced their replacement for their venerable ST237 camera in and delivered the ST402 shortly thereafter in early. Each lenslet back-projects to about 80mm square on the primary mirror. Cyanogen Software (Registered Customers Only). The shutter stopped working while at Okie-Tex. The sensor is an ABG (anti-blooming gate) sensor, with microlenses built into.

After opening the box, my first impression was regarding the actual size of the camera body. 33X, WideField 0. So both would hold 2604 electrons per square micron. ST-402me ST-402me by SBIG. The polarity is correct for this product (center pin positive) and the plug has a locking ring to hold it in place. The SBIG ST-402ME camera includes the optional T-thread to C-Mount adapter ring and lens for screwing in the 1. Juan Pablo (Obser.

Attached images taken with it. PDF manual is available. 25" nosepiece screws into the T-threads of the front plate. 00 FLI ProLine CCD Camera, E2V CCDBack ILLUM. Citace z manuálu ze strany 22 : Autoguide Rates- Allows the user to set an autoguide rate as a percentage of sidereal rate. SBIG has developed an automated unit for monitoring and logging the seeing throughout a night. The ST-402ME is based on the ST-7 as it shares a similar CCD chip, but does not include a guiding CCD.

The ST-402ME also uses a fast USB 2. The ST-402ME now has an enhanced cooling package and photometric filter wheel option, giving performance similar to our ST-X series but at a significant savings. SBIG Camera You will use an ST-402ME or ST-402XME camera made by the Santa Barbara Instrumentation Group (SBIG) for this lab. SBIG ST-237A And SBIG CCDH-1 kit with case and manuals. Designed for use with NextGEN MAXField 0. Some images (view more) NGC925 galaxy, unguided.

The large CCD active area of 13. The SBIG AC 12 V 3 Amp Power Supply is designed for the ST-8300M/C Camera (will work with ST-402/1603/3200). Sbig St-237a And sbig st-402me manual Sbig Ccdh-1 Kit With Case And Manuals. SBIG ST-402ME-C2.

0 includes domestic. It has the enhanced temperature factory upgrade. It is the principal diagnostic for determining the temperature and chemical composition of stars, nebulae, and galaxies. The SBIG ST-402ME camera can be used in either 1x1 or preferably 2x2 binning mode to reduce S-H computation time. Free Shipping (within the 48 contiguous US States only) The new ST-402ME is seen at right equipped with the optional T-thread to C-mount adapter ring and lens. Sbig Model St-7e Ccd System 4604.

SBIG CFW-402 Internal Filter Wheel with RGB+C Filters for the ST-402ME Camera Detail SBIG CFW-402 Internal Filter Wheel with RGB+C Filters for st-402me the ST-402ME Camera Online Digital Digicam Retailers Deliver Advantage People today are pretty specific about comfort when it arrives to obtaining the solutions and solutions they want. Spectroscopy is crucial to astronomy. I added an SBIG ST-402ME camera to my equipment base in September to serve as an autoguider. ThisV AC to 12 V DC supply is a replacement for the power supply that is included with the ST-402ME camera. 2 mm allows the user to image large fields of view with the ST-8XE. SBIG ST-402ME, STF-8300, FLi ML 1603 Use the Baader T2 quick changer system. Latest: TheSky X autodark issue suspected Jim Bradburn, at 12:20 AM.

From United States +C . SBIG ST-402 ME CCD Camera. I believe that most SBIG camera do not change gain with binning, but the ST 402ME does. Example 1: the SBIG ST-402ME This is your basic monochromatic astronomical CCD camera. The ST-402ME can autoguide or image, and using using SBIG&39;s patented Track & Accumulate feature, a sequence of images can be captured and automatically aligned and stacked (co-added) as you go. I did have a problem with this camera though.

One of the links above under "Reading" leads to the a description of the camera on the SBIG web site.

Sbig st-402me manual

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